A blog for anything that is written in Japanese - signs, papers, instructions, billboards, etc.
There is no better way to learn a language than from native speakers themselves so lets learn from written texts straight from Japan~!
Feel free to give suggestions or just say what is on your mind.
Although I'm not a native speakier, I will do my best to get your questiosn answered!
I love hearing from my followers.
Thank you lovely ! Have a great day and your Japanese posts makes me happy ~! good, good, we have the same interest !
♥ ddtus

of course, of course, dear :)
you have a lovely blog as well!!!
thanks for following back ^v^

Do you have any Japanese friends? o.o Just really curious or do just love the Japanese culture?
♥ frostywonderworld

Yeah of course.
I’ve been to Japan twice and so I made quite a few friends from those two trips there. At one point half my Facebook friends were Japanese (or foreign at least). And I’m close to a few Japanese girls who went to my uni.