A blog for anything that is written in Japanese - signs, papers, instructions, billboards, etc.
There is no better way to learn a language than from native speakers themselves so lets learn from written texts straight from Japan~!
Feel free to give suggestions or just say what is on your mind.
Although I'm not a native speakier, I will do my best to get your questiosn answered!
I love hearing from my followers.

Taxi. 12,000 visits to this photo. Thank you! by Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. on Flickr.

9 リアクション  ♣   1月 31, 12     10:10am
85/1.4   Aomori   Bokeh   D700   Glenn Waters   Hirosaki   Japan   Lights   Night   Nikon   Noflash   Snow   Street   Taxi   Winter   australia   explore   explored   front page   japanese   japon   nikkor85mm14d   nikkor85mmf14d   nikond700   ぐれん   ニコン   ボケ      弘前   日本   
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